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I’m back yet again with another review. This one is going to be short and not-so-sweet. Folks, here it is. I know it was bound to happen but I wasn’t expecting tragedy quite so soon. This is officially my first negative review.

I’d like to start by saying that I never ever have high expectations of comedy sequels, they always suck. Use Zoolander 2 and the atrocious string of Hangover films as prime examples of this. BUT for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, I had a little bit of hope. The reason for this is that part of the marketing/advertising for the sequel is that it is “the best comedy sequel ever.” I’m calling bullshit. Let me tell you why.

First, if you haven’t yet suffered through the trailer for this disaster, watch it here.

I wasn’t really a huge fan of the first Neighbors but it wasn’t terrible. Rose Byrne was charming and Zac Efron and Dave Franco were slightly obnoxious but still cute in their fratty bromance. The sequel however was not funny at all. I usually enjoy raunchy humor but this movie went so far over the line. Too many disgusting comments about fraternity boys being rapists and an extreme overdose of feminism being shoved right down the audience’s throats. I spent the majority of my time at the press screening rolling my eyes and trying not to throw up instead of laughing.

I don’t even know whose acting I hated the most. Probably Chloe Grace Moretz because she was just awful. Horrible. Annoying. Irritating. I usually enjoy her acting, in almost every other film I’ve seen her in, including both Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2. But something was seriously wrong this time around. I’m sure her bad acting was exacerbated by the crappy lines written for her. Overall her character was totally unlikeable and nauseating.

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen were “eh.” I don’t have much else to say about them. They just weren’t funny. Their timing seemed off and all they did was overreact and overact.

Please don’t get me started about Ike Barinholtz and Carla Gallo as Jimmy and Paula. They sucked.

Zaz Efron as Teddy was the only character that was remotely tolerable. He’s nice to look at and some of the cheesy lines written for him balanced out the gross “comedy” assigned to everybody else.

I think that pretty much sums it up. If not, head over to google and search for images of vomit and how you’ll probably feel looking at those pictures is how I feel about this movie.

Don’t waste your money and precious time going to see this dumpster pile of a sequel. It comes out Friday May 20th, 2016. I feel obligated to tell you that even though I really want you all to stay home, eat macaroni and cheese and watch The Carmichael Show on Hulu. Seriously, go watch it. Jerrod Carmichael had a small role in both the original Neighbors and Neighbors 2 and whenever he’d pop up on the screen I wished I was watching his show instead.

Thank you for all of your love and support. You guys rock.


Kady (She)


(I’d give it an F but I got to see Zac Efron dance around shirtless)

Kady Berrebbi