Minions Movie 2015Remember how in the glory days of film, there were certain actors who were character actors. They were never meant to be leading men or women and for the most part, not suited to be. That’s how i felt after watching the movie minions. Now to be fair, I’m not the target audience. But even the target audience would have a tough time with this film. The Minions are cute as hell, though it’s tough to understand their spanishy gibberish and after a while, it got tiresome. But the main issue I had is they serve a perfect purpose as side players in a movie, occasional sweetness and comic relief, but not enough to carry a film. And Sandra Bullock’s villainess,  Scarlet Overkill, was just ehh. There were some amusing parts,such as the wholesome villain family that picks up the Minions for a ride to Villain Con, but that was about it. In the words of my daughter, it felt like a ten minute short that went on for 90 minutes.They’re cute as heck and the movie is harmless fun. But here’s hoping they learn their lesson and return them to the Despicable Me movies where less is definitely more.

Grade – (over 10 years old) D

Grade – (under 10) C

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