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I’ve returned with another review. Unfortunately, the film I’m going to be discussing today wasn’t nearly as good as the last one I had the pleasure of watching. If you missed my review on Alice Through the Looking Glass, check it out here.

This week I attended a critic screening for Warcraft, the live-action movie based on the famous video game Warcraft.

Now, there are very few things I dislike more than video games as well as the people that do nothing but play them all day (sorry, gamer boys) so I went into this experience with little to no expectations. I had watched the trailer and read a little bit about the plot but other than that, I was sitting down to watch Warcraft with barely any insight into what all the hype was about. I won’t say I was disappointed, because it wasn’t nearly as horrible as I thought it was going to be, but I wouldn’t say it was a great movie. I try to write my reviews from an unbiased and objective perspective. I look at movies as individual films and dissect the quality of the acting, production, etc. without taking my personal feelings about the subject matter or actors/actresses into account. With that being said, I still don’t think that Warcraft was an entertaining movie to sit through for two hours. I actually do enjoy movies that take place in fantasy universes with monsters and wizards and all that trending stuff. But this one I just wasn’t crazy about.

One thing I hated in particular about Warcraft was that it wasn’t geared towards the average viewer. If you don’t already fully understand the premise of the video game, you’ll most likely be lost during the entire film. The screenplay writers seriously missed the mark as far as doing a decent job of explaining background stories or character evolution. It didn’t help that the Orcs are difficult to understand and visually it was hard to tell them all apart as distinct personalities.

If you compare this movie to others that are somewhat genre related like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, and any of the Marvel films, you’ll see the clear lacking of background explanation. If you’ve never read the Harry Potter books but you sit down to watch The Sorcerer’s Stone, you will be able to follow it without any issues. Because everything is explained from the very beginning. Warcraft would’ve been significantly more enjoyable for me if they had done this as well.

All in all, I think this movie is a waste of a $160 million budget. They should’ve used that money to hire better writers and actors that weren’t so boring. I’m purposely not mentioning the leading cast members because they weren’t memorable enough in their performances for me to touch on them at all. Duncan Jones, the director of this film, should be disappointed in himself. This movie had potential to be epic and it totally fell flat.

I hope this review was helpful to any of you considering going to the theater to see it. If you decide to see it for yourself, I totally understand, but I recommend avoiding the option of an IMAX screening.

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Kady Berrebbi