I’ve never been a fan of Lebron’s decision, nor the fact that he was getting credit for winning a championship by basically joining an all-star team. For me, it was no different than Karl Malone, one of the biggest championship chokers, trying to win one by joining Kobe and Shaq in LA. If he had succeeded it would have meant nothing, nor erase the fear in his eyes in every finals game he played in. So I gave him little credit and rejoiced when he failed against Dallas and cried in pain when he won against the Spurs last year because the Spurs gave it away. ESPECIALLY since if the Spurs had won like they should have, the heat’s finals record would have been abysmal and who knows if they would be together today.

You can only imagine by delirious happiness at the Spurs not only avenging last year, but destroying the Heat in record fashion. Largest point deferential in final’s history says it all. The Heat looked completely outmanned. But more important in some ways than beating the heat, was how they did it. Playing unselfish, team basketball, no egos or one on one nonsense, just plain ole old school hoops. And it worked, imagine that.

The fact that they could come back after that DEVASTATING loss last year and do this is a testament to not only Pops but the entire team’s mental fortitude. Year after year, they keep plugging along and never over-react to bad losses, like other teams do with their impulsive cleaning house decisions. What the Spurs have done over these last 16+ years is one of the most remarkable feats in sports, and even more so when you consider the current ego-driven state of professional sports. Simply incredible.

As for Lebron, I’m sorry bud but justice was served. No one outside of Miami or celebrity worshipping fans were rooting for you and it’s your own fault. You’re not Michael and you never were and you know what, it’s ok. In many ways, you’re our Wilt Chamberlain, a once in a lifetime physical specimen with all the gifts who lacks the killer instinct and just wants to be liked.

Finally, here’s some irony for ya. Lebron doesn’t realize that the one team he truly fits in with and would be very happy with is……..drum roll please……..THE SPURS! For all his faults, Lebron is a team oriented, pass to the open man, unselfish player who just wants to win with a coach he can respect. He really doesn’t want to put up 30+ points, he wants to play team basketball. And if that aint the Spurs, I don’t know what is.

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