Orange is the New Black


Most of the times, when I hear a lot of buzz about a series, I’m usually pessimistic. It seems the end result is I feel more like an alien than ever, wondering what the heck everyone is seeing that I’m not. Or I feel that the buzz is usually disguised agenda preaching and there is this secret cabal or organization whose sole purpose is to spread their message and prop each other up. I seriously think this way which is why many people think I’m nuts. They may be right. Well in this case, with the new Netflix series Orange is the New Black, the buzz is justified.

First things first, the characterizations are excellent. One thing you will learn about me is I’m all about the characters (and yes I’m quite the character myself). Nothing is exaggerated, no one is depicted as a caricature, they are all believable.

The writing has been consistently excellent, the acting as well. Of course if the lead was weak, none of this would matter and fortunately Taylor Schilling, as the main character Piper, is outstanding. In lesser hands she would be a cliche, typical WASP who gets her comeuppance, but not here. And she is just one of an outstanding cast of actors. The only weak one is Laura Prepon, from That 70s Show fame. She’s just ok, nothing special. And not nearly as good as the rest. Rumors are she won’t be in season two. I won’t miss her if that’s true.

So if you want good drama and directing, great acting and writing or even lesbianic scenes :), watch Orange is the New Black.

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