For those 1 or 2 people in the world who don’t know me, I have a long history with the biz of comic books. I have generally been disappointed with comic book based movies, to the point where the adult me doesn’t get excited whatsoever when a new one comes out. The ones I do seem to enjoy the most are the ones where I don’t really care about the source material. This applies well to the Kick Ass movies. I enjoyed the first one though I felt the key changes they made from the comics, really hurt the movie and prevented it from being more of a classic cult film (they did add one deleted moment into the plot of the second movie). The second movie, I watched BEFORE reading the comic and I’m glad I did. My enjoyment would have probably been diminished if I hadn’t. Some changes had to be made due to Chloe’s aging but most were just hollowized changes.

Overall it was enjoyable and I felt, far more enjoyable than the first one. The biggest reason being Chloe’s performance. She stole the first movie and she stole this one as well. She’s just flat out great and on a dark side, probably attracts  many an older guy in an uncomfortable way 😉 She IS the movie. The Mother Fucker was good too, even though he is playing the same character in basically every movie. I’d like to see more nuance from Christopher Mintz-Plasse. As for the lead, Aaron Taylor Johnson, he was good and workman-like but over-shadowed by the other two. The rest of the cast, including Jim Carrey, are decent enough.


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