I’ve been so bored lately with all the CGI overkill movies, and so annoyed at the general poor experience at the movies with obnoxious selfish people in the audience, that it’s become a chore to go to some of these screenings. But it’s great when every once in while, a refreshing movie makes you feel good once again. And the Hundred Foot Journey is just that, the most enjoyable movie since Million Dollar Arm. Subtle, full of great characterization, a quiet yet engrossing story and some phenomenal acting. I can’t think of a single bad performance in this movie but the leads, especially Helen Mirren who plays Madame Mallory and Om Puri who is a scream as the devoted yet “thrifty” papa, steal the show. My only quibble is the ending felt a little flat and was missing one moment (in my opinion). Can you guess what I felt was missing?

Anyway, I highly recommend this movie. I give it a solid A.

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