TigerDirectSo I go into my local TigerDirect store and find out they are closing nearly all the retail stores and going to focus on web-based business. The way they started out and should have stayed. Why so angry you ask? Let me splain Lucy. focused on selling computer and electronic stuff at cheap prices. When the much-missed CompUsa stores closed, TigerDirect bought the brand and reopened them under their umbrella. At first I was happy. As an IT guy, it was the only decent local option for parts. Years later I still went there for that reason, but swallowed my bile every time I did. It was a miserable experience going there, call them the anti-Apple store guys. They were such miserly greedy bastards, treating everyone who walked in like dollar signs. Fake smiles and greetings, pounced on you the second you walked in, it was everything I hate about customer service. I was there three times a week and they treated me like a stranger every time. Just AWFUL!!! And every change they made to their policies was in their best interest ONLY, never a better deal for the customer. They were the epitome of greedy, phony out-dated corporatey fake friendliness as you can be.

The irony is that one week before they decided to close the stores, they displayed a sign proudly on how this particular branch won the customer service award for the month. I nearly laughed myself to unconsciousness when I read it.On what criteria did they display any customer service?

So karma hit them and now they’re closed. The only tinge of negative feelings I have about it are there really are no other options for same day parts, that’s all. If any business person out there wants to fill the need, chat with me first. I’ll tell you everything not to do, using TigerDirect as a textbook example.

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